Review: Another Man by Leslie Croxford

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Title: Another Man

Author: Leslie Croxford

Price: £9.99

Publisher: Paper+Ink

Hello all! Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you my review of Leslie Croxford’s ‘Another Man’ as part of a blog tour. Massive thanks to Kelly at Folk. and Paper+Ink for my gifted copy of the book!


Frank Ward, a research historian troubled by his own past and a sense of emptiness, returns to a Spanish pueblo to celebrate the publication of his first book. Unexpectedly, discovering that Albert Speer’s wartime driver had convalesced there after years as a Russian POW, Frank plunges into an attempt to penetrate the mystery of Speer - the so-called “Good Nazi” - beyond the extent of his crimes.

Consequently, he is drawn into a series of intense encounters in the pueblo where Speer and his driver, although deceased, continue to influence events. Amongst the people he meets are the cheerful owner of his pension; a malevolent archaeologist; an Argentine pianist and his estranged ballerina wife … and Paloma, their captivating daughter, with whom Frank stands a chance to rediscover love.

From the very first chapter, Croxford’s writing and descriptive imagery transport you to a Spanish pueblo. He really brings the setting and atmosphere to life which make you feel like you’re watching a movie and not actually reading. Croxford brilliantly set the foundation for the rest of the story.

I have to admit that at first, the alternating points of view in the novel were a bit strange to me, especially as I don’t recall reading a book with both first and third person before. However, after a few chapters I got used to the points of view and found the book somewhat more fast-paced. As a writer myself, I don’t think I could master the technique of alternating points of view so well; I’m in awe of Croxford’s talent!

Furthermore, I found the characters to be well developed and easy to remember - I do have to say though that I was most absorbed when reading about Frank’s interactions with the various female characters, in comparison with others. An aspect of the novel that I enjoyed was the psychological exploration, and the way Frank lived in the present but how he recounted his past to evaluate himself. Much of the story is focused on Speer, who I didn't know much about, and I found it incredibly interesting to read about him through Frank’s, and other characters’ points of view.

The novel is a cross between literary and historical fiction, and Croxford's excellent writing and ideas make it stand out from other books that are currently being published. Whilst you might feel that the constant conversations between characters about Speer can get a bit boring, it's worth reading the book to the end as it's satisfying to find out how Frank's life developed.

The book can be purchased in paperback on Amazon - it’s currently discounted so why don’t you grab yourself a copy!

Rating: 4/5 stars


About the Author

Leslie Croxford is Senior Vice-President of the British University in Egypt. Born in Alexandria, he obtained a doctorate in History from Cambridge University, where he knew E.M. Forster. He is the author the the critically acclaimed Solomon’s Folly (1974) and Deep Sahara (2017).

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