Reigniting the Magic of Blogging

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I have attempted to write this post many times but I have found it quite challenging, especially pressing the 'publish' button after such a long time of absence.

I haven't written a blog post for over a year and during that period I have felt that something was missing and I was lost without it. I don't have a clear reason for why I stopped blogging and haven't returned to this space on the internet until now but I'll do my best to explain the mess in my head. I have to be honest, I did lose passion for blogging somewhere along the way. At times it got a bit overwhelming trying to fit into this bubble of perfectionism or being under pressure of writing in one niche in order to be successful. I also felt like the blogging community changed, it started being less about lifestyle posts and more about unpassionate sponsored content.

I don't want to say that the blogging community was a toxic place but I did get lost under all the pressure and perfectionism, simultaneously losing passion for what was actually important to me. I have used the free time I had away from blogging wisely (lazying around all day and trying to figure out what writing is to me counts, right?) and reflected on why it has made me unhappy and how I can move forward writing about topics that I actually find pleasure in and that are of importance to me.

I didn't feel like I could go back to a place that stayed the same and essentially became outdated, the very place that made me lose my passion for writing. Therefore, if you've ever read my blog previously you'll notice I had a bit of a design change. Behind the scenes, I went through all my posts and archived or deleted those that I found were not a reflection of my true self, and left those which I genuinely enjoyed writing. 

I always knew that I'd come back to this space I created and finally I had the courage to return. I feel slightly emotional writing this because my writing journey has been a rollercoaster. Writing is one of a few fine threads that keeps me sewn up and gives me strength. 

If you're new here or one of my old readers then I hope you will enjoy my new content and I hope I'll be able to connect with some of you.

Until next time,

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