TV Obsessions: Clique (BBC)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Have you got what it takes to join the Clique?

Today I bring you a review of BBC Three's brand new drama Clique which will seduce you and leave you with a deep craving. The series is about two first year students distancing away from each other when they are pulled into the world of Judy McDermid (played by none other than Louise Brealey; Sherlock) and her charismatic clique of interns.

When I first heard about Clique, I was slightly relunctant to watch it. I thought it would simply be a university drama and I worried about not relating to it since I took a different path in life and had little knowledge of university life. Just over a week ago, I was on the sofa with my snacks beside me and I was desperate to find a new, compelling TV series to watch. I finally decided to put my worries aside and give Clique a watch. I'm very happy that I did because honestly? This is the best TV series I've seen this year.

The characters are just brilliant and the actors that portray them are young yet professional and there's a lot of potential for further progression for them. The character of Holly is very intriguing, she seems like such a nice girl but there's definitely a dark side there and I'm looking forward to seeing it develop in future episodes. As for the other characters, they all have distinct personalities that complement each other. The main cast is made up of mostly women which I think is a reason in itself to watch the show. The writers and producers have really pulled off the portrayal of female relationships in high pressure environments.

Clique is much more than just a university drama, it's a psychological thriller which pushes boundaries. The story is original and I'm someone who can usually predict what will happen next when I'm watching something but not with this show! If you're a Skins fan then you may sense some familiarity, the reason for this is because Clique has actually been written by Skins writer Jess Brittain. Accompanied by writers Kirstie Swan and Milly Thomas, she managed to create the masterpiece that is Clique.

I can't recommend Clique enough, you won't understand why I feel so passionate about this series until you watch it yourself. The wait between episodes will certainly leave you frustrated and wanting to kill someone (okay probably not this extreme but it will for sure test your patience). The only negative thing I have to say about this series is that it's only made up of six episodes. The end is fast approaching and I'll be sad about it but I'm looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds. 

Clique is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer (and will be for the next 5 months - hooray!). 

Honestly guys, give this show a watch, I wouldn't be telling you to unless I really enjoyed it.

What do you think of Clique?


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