Music Obsession: Seasons - The Idolins

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

I have the utmost pleasure to share The Idolins' first single from their newest EP. The track is titled 'Seasons' and is released today!

The Idolins are an acoustic/folk/pop band consisting of five people: Karen Smalley, Nick Scott, Mark Rice, Tom Dukes and Bar Morton. The talented five piece are based in Nottingham and their latest single has received radio play on BBC Introducing in the East Midlands as well as on BBC Radio 2.

As soon as you hear the song, you're hypnotised by the instrumental. When Karen starts singing; she begins telling a story, one that if you could you'd listen to endlessly. You just want the music to lead you as you dance to it. Karen's vocals are addictive which makes for an alluring piece of sound; the lyrics are original and heartfelt. There honestly isn't a bad word I could say about this track as everything about it is beautiful, from the composition to the lyrics. It's unique and compelling and to truly get a feel of the lyrics and the melody, you must have a listen to it. 

The music video for 'Seasons' is as beautiful as the song! It's simple yet powerful as the choreography complements the melody. The Idolins honestly deserve more recognition as they are professional and you can tell they have put their heart and soul into their music.

I have to say, as I was getting ready to write this review, I was so moved by the song that I actually ended up being lost for words. I strongly recommend you listen to this song and it'd be amazing if you could show some love to The Idolins! Remember, I only share music I truly like!

View the stunning music video for 'Seasons' here and don't forget to follow The Idolins on their social media pages!

I hope you enjoyed reading today's review! Stay tuned for more of my music obsessions!


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