TV Obsessions: Falling Water

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hi there! It's time for another TV Obsessions post; I was looking for something new (and different) to watch so I searched through the TV shows on Amazon Video and came across Falling Water. I got so absorbed in the show so I knew I had to share it with you!

Falling Water is a US sci-fi drama series from the producers of Homeland and The Walking Dead. It tells the story of three unrelated people whose dreams are intertwined. Burton is trying to find his missing girlfriend, Tess is searching for her son and Taka is looking to cure his catatonic mother. The clues to their mysteries can only be found in their dream. When they dig deeper and put themselves in danger, they realise that there's much more at stake than their personal incentives.

The story is not straightforward, at times as a viewer you may find it confusing and wonder if the creators of the show wanted such an outcome or if they simply got lost themselves. During some moments at the beginning of the show you may get confused between the characters' dream and reality but the more episodes you watch, the easier it is to differentiate. It's an unusual drama and it must've not been easy to make as one dream is told from three different perspectives. 

This leads me on to the characters; the three main characters don't cross paths in the show too often but when they do, their connection is incredible. The characters come from different backgrounds and have different agendas but somehow they work together brilliantly. They are quite strong characters, especially those of Burton and Tess. This results in the character of Taka ending up in the limelight, however it doesn't affect his character too much as he's still as easy to connect to as the other two. As for the other characters in the show, I applaud the producers' choice of actors as they can all portray the mystery and the weirdness of the show well.

Even though you may find it hard to follow the story, I would still strongly recommend Falling Water! Even if you're not into sci-fi and mystery, it's worth to give this show a watch because it's original and the story telling is fantastic. You can watch the first season of Falling Water on Amazon Prime Video UK. I'm unsure whether there'll be a second season but according to some news articles I came across dating back to November and December last year, Amazon was finalising exclusive subscription rights making it possible.

Have you seen Falling Water?


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