Music Obsession: The Other Side of the Valley - The Further

Friday, February 24, 2017

Today I wanted to introduce you to The Further’s new single ‘The Other Side of the Valley’.

The Further are a new indie band created by former Ejectorseat bandmates Peter Backler, Barrington Mole and James Dowse. They come from the Amber Valley area of Derbyshire, England. They have connected through their love of music and made The Further come to life simply by wanting to make a noise together.

Close your eyes and let your mind and body drift listening to 'The Other Side of the Valley'. The song lyrics are meaningful and put together with Peter's vocals, they create a heartfelt song. The vocals sound almost vulnerable against the instrumental making the listener feel emotional. The song feels like a story because of the use of instruments and how they have been put together in a compelling way. The sole instrumental before the crescendo at the end adds atmosphere and power to the song making the listener feel even more emotional. The chorus is memorable and you can't help but sing along to it.

The song is accompanied by a stunning music video. The scenery in the video is honestly captivating. The video was shot in Trondheim, Norway by André Hope. The Scandinavian visuals really add depth to the track; they fit together flawlessly. Those five minutes of beauty prove that 'The Other Side of the Valley' would be the perfect choice for a movie soundtrack.

View the music video here (don't forget to subscribe to The Further and give the video a like!)

On a side note, this song has made me miss people I haven't even thought about for months so if you're an emotional person, listen to the track at your own risk 😉

I haven’t told you the best thing yet! 

You can stream and download 'The Other Side of the Valley' for FREE here

Make sure to follow The Further on their social media pages to keep up to date with them!


What do you think of 'The Other Side of the Valley'?


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