TV Obsessions: Skam

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hey guys! You have no idea how excited I am to be writing this TV review. I just checked when the last time I wrote a TV Obsessions post was, and it was back in October! I'll be sure to plan some more for the upcoming weeks because I enjoy writing them!

Skam is a TV show about the daily life of young adults. Each season is told from the point of view of a different character. Translated into English, Skam means 'Shame'. I have to admit that I've managed to binge watch three seasons of Skam in just a few days because I was loving it so much! Skam is a part-web, part-TV series. Clips are posted on the internet throughout the week in real-time (so basically if Sana and Noora are having a conversation at school at 10am then it will be showed on the internet at that time. At the end of the week the clips are joined together into a full episode and aired on TV.

So far three seasons of Skam have aired, I think season 4 is supposed to be airing in March! I preferred seasons 2 and 3 because I'm not a big fan of Eva (who is the main character of season 1). My favourite character is Noora (main character of season 2), maybe it's just because I can relate to her as she doesn't like parties and she's quite opinionated. To be quite honest I like every character except for Eva; although I don't like the character, I still like the actress. Sana and Vilde are my second favourites: Sana is the queen of the show, her one-liners are amazing and she's someone anyone would listen to because she's just so intelligent! She's basically someone I would be friends with. Although she has silly moments and can be naive at times, Vilde is someone girls can relate to. Isak is the main character for season 3 and I just loved him, his character hasn't had it easy and it was nice to see him get a bit of happiness at the end 😉

Each characters has been written remarkably; they all have different strengths and weaknesses but they fit so well. The chemistry between the cast is honestly amazing, you would think they're not actors but they're just having bits of their real life filmed! 

The reason you should watch Skam is because it's just relatable! It covers such a variety of difficult topics such as eating disorders, sexuality, addictions, social problems etc. Although Skins is one of my favourite British, young adult TV shows, it's got nothing on Skam! 

Apparently, NRK isn't allowed to market Skam to non-Norwegian speakers because of music licensing as American pop music is heavily featured in the series. I don't think it's going to be aired in the UK or America any time soon but all I can say is that you can find the english-subtitled episodes somewhere on the internet 😉

Have you seen Skam? Do you think you're going to check it out?


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