TV Obsessions: How To Get Away With Murder

Friday, October 07, 2016


"I'm unstable. Maybe they need to be protected from me."

How To Get Away With Murder is a legal thriller centred around a group of five students and their mysterious professor Annalise Keating. They become involved in a murder which makes their lives spiral into darkness. 

How To Get Away With Murder is number one on my list of favourite TV shows. It's another masterpiece from Shondaland (American TV production company founded by Shonda Rhimes who is a TV writer/producer). If you've watched Grey's Anatomy or Scandal before then you've probably heard of Shondaland.

I have a thing for anything crime/thriller/psychological and if you're into that too then you've come to the right place.

Where do I even start?! Everything about this series is brilliant! 

I could praise the actors all day long, especially Viola Davis. She plays a character that is so powerful, but at the same time so vulnerable. Her acting skills are immense. With that said, I don't think any less of the actors who play the students. The development of the characters and their relationships with each other has been quite an intense journey throughout the two series. They're far from boring and you sure won't miss out on eye-candy. Even though a few characters may have annoying traits, you'll still find all of them very likeable.

The series has been written in such an excellent way. It's twisted and unpredictable; that's exactly what every thriller series needs. What makes HTGAWM so special are the flashbacks; sure, other shows use flashbacks but not in a way that this show does. Each episode you get a little more information but you're still left clueless. The storylines are original and you can't help but suspect which one of the characters may have committed the crime. What's fantastic is that it's never someone you'd actually expect.

I don't want to write too much to not give anything away but I urge you to watch the first two seasons online. The third season is currently airing in the US on abc and should be hitting UK screens pretty soon so watch out for it on Universal Channel.

I cannot recommend this show enough! Make yourself some popcorn and binge watch the hell out of HTGAWM this weekend, I'm sure you deserve all that down time ;)

Have you seen HTGAWM? Or are you going to check it out?


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