Society's Expectations Are A Joke

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If you follow me on Twitter then you might have seen my latest rants but if you don't then not to worry because you can expect nothing more from me than to pour my heart out today! I don't really know what has got into me of late but when I read someone's tweet or hear someone say something regarding a social belief or something along those lines, then at times it leaves me thinking about it for the rest of the day and because I find it hard to keep my thoughts in I go on Twitter to rant (I really recommend it, it actually makes me feel a lot better). Oh if you want to hear more of my thoughts on a daily basis then don't forget to follow me here.

On Sunday, I looked at a Twitter page of this girl and she called herself a feminist but I also noticed how racist she was. I honestly couldn't believe it! How is she fighting for equality when she's creating a divide, no it may not be a divide between the sexes but it's still a divide between skin colour. I'm not saying I'm against feminism and feminists! Not at all! I think it's important to fight for equality but I think people need to understand we need to do it without adding to other issues. 

When I see a girl on Twitter calling herself a feminist, I'm not sure, I get a mixed feeling about it.
Celebrities like Beyonce and Emma Watson raise the topic of feminism, but let's be realistic here, are their fans supporting it because they strongly believe in it or are they supporting it just because they want to be like their idol? I honestly feel like feminism is just a '2014/15 trend' and that it will pass soon. I don't feel the need to label myself to want equality. Sometimes I feel like labeling yourself as someone like a feminist can actually create more unequality in society. People will always have different beliefs, we need to accept that society will never be perfect and entirely equal, however we can do our best to treat people well and not discriminate no matter what gender, skin colour etc.

On Monday, came time for another rant on Twitter. This rant was influenced by a tweet on Capitalism and once again what did I do? I stared outside of my window and kept on delving deeper into the topic, because you know, that's what normal people do on a Monday afternoon. I may not know much about politics and I can't vote yet but the view I get of politicians is very negative, I feel like they just want to get a lot of money and when they do something wrong they blame others for it (of course there are exceptions who actually care about society). I guess I'm just really frustrated with the whole system, I may change my view in a few years time but honestly what has this society come to. People are so worked up with getting a lot of money that they're missing out on the important part which is enjoying the whole experience of getting to where they are, but also caring for and loving one another!

Not going off the lines of being frustrated at society, I wanted to talk about 4/20, which as you may or may not know is 'Weed Day'. I don't get what the deal is with almost every teenager smoking weed... I am against smoking and consuming alcohol in ridiculous amounts however if you know your limits then it's fine (I kind of lost two friends because of their 'habits', actually no, they were the ones that lost me). I hate seeing people smoking but I understand that some of them use it as a sort of 'escapism' and honestly I'm not even surprised because society has this idea of perfection and they just put pressure on us. We have to rush to make important decisions in life such as having a family or even what career we want to pursue. The government wants to stop people drinking and smoking, but I think the only way that the younger generations won't do those things is if society puts less pressure on them.

I know this post is a bit over the place because I've discussed various topics but I hope you at least slightly understand what I'm trying to say. But if not then that's okay too because we all need to get our mixed up thoughts out of our heads sometimes don't we?

What are your thoughts on the topics I've discussed?


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  1. I love rants! give me more anger!! feminism to me are the little things.. like when women comment on me asking for a raise "you can't do that, you're just a secretary" or when I asked for a "modest" payment at a job interview, the boss told me my future colleagues are now being paid a lot less (even though they were in that company for over 3 years each already..). equal pay is something that really disturbs me, but women have to start being more active! ask for it, grasp opportunities, and not wait for someone to "reward" them for doing "good". hope this makes sense?
    anyway, have a nice evening,
    an (otherwise) silent reader :)

    1. I think rants really help us express ourselves! And yes I totally agree, I don't understand why there's no equal pay, in a way women have double the job as men (they go to work and also have to take care of the house or kids) so I don't understand why we still get paid less, it's ridiculous! I think women are too scared to be more active because it might make men be more cautious towards them and they might think that women think they are better. I agree, we need to ask for stuff and grasp opportunities! Waiting around isn't going to help us in any way.

      Thank you for commenting! I actually feel honoured that someone nine years older than me reads my blog! It actually made my day that people actually want to listen to me ramble on :P Obviously writing serious stuff isn't about age but it's great to be treated like an actual adult and be taken seriously by people older than me :)